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Activant is a research-led global investment firm that partners with high-growth companies.

Greenwich, CT

New York

Berlin, Germany

Cape Town, South Africa




Funds raised

$ 1B+


We partner with founders who have won their initial battles and are ready for the next challenge.

Investment focus

We typically invest when two things come together. First, the company has the potential to achieve escape velocity and transform an entire industry. Second, we believe the founders can lead the company through hyper growth, and our support can significantly increase the probability of this success.







Typical Initial Partnership

$ 20–40 MM

Average initial commitment

15 years

Fund life


Growth investments per year

In order to be a valuable partner, we believe we have to go as deep into a market as a company's founders, spending the time to understand the nuances of a sector and invest behind a thesis. We find the more complex the market, the more critical this approach is.

We began with a focus on technology companies in commerce and retail infrastructure, and have since expanded through the value chain into logistics, fintech, and workflow & automation technologies.

These industries are dominated by huge spending powers, deep inefficiencies, and poor customer experiences. We believe the digitization and disruption of these sectors presents the greatest opportunity of the next three decades.


Supply Chain


Workflow & Automation

The critical time window to escape competitors and transform an industry is not open for long.

Operational support

That’s why after we invest, the real work begins.

Think of us as a support function: we are structured to help founders and their teams to take maximum advantage of the opportunity at hand.

Our concentrated approach and sector focus ensures that we are committed to the companies we partner with.

Thought & sparring partner

Hiring, culture, and process help

Access to capital, customers, and partners

Project-based support where you need it

Our funds

  1. Fund I


    $ 75 MM

  2. Fund II


    $ 129 MM

  3. Fund III


    $ 257 MM

  4. Fund IV


    $ 395 MM

We are fortunate enough to be entrusted by exceptional limited partners, including North American and European charitable foundations, hospital systems, endowments, and family offices.

Their backing enables us to do what we love most: practice the craft of investing in exceptional founders and teams who are driven every day to deliver a better experience to their customers.

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